Board of Directors


Zubair Hussain

Founder & President
Zubair grew up loving politics his entire life. He wanted to help change the world and start a movement of youth leaders, thus he created Youth In Politics. Zubair plans to become a politician and serve his community. Zubair is currently studying at the University of Toronto.

Nathaniel Saad

Vice President & Head of Recruiting
Since a young age, Nathaniel has wanted to become a lawyer and defend people's rights. Nathaniel is passionate about the United Nations, Social Justice, Canadian politics, and loves spending his time reading and writing about these various topics.

Podcast Team


Aditi Roy

Sponsorship Coordinator
I serve as the communications assistant for the Youth In Politics podcast. My role is to find and reach out to potential guests who are experts in the field - this is essential in delivering accurate and thought-provoking podcast episodes. In addition to this, I also actively write for the organization, publishing articles that dissect relevant political events.

Kate Todd

Host and Director of Communications
Kate is finishing their last semester of their Bachelor of Arts with Honours at the University of Toronto, specializing in political science and minoring in public law. They’ve been awarded several scholarships, has interned at their Member of Parliament’s constituency office, and is a journalist with The Varsity Newspaper at U of T. Kate aspires to work in public service and to help make a difference in the lives of marginalized Canadians.


Hi I'm Hephzibah Kaleem

Hephzibah Kaleem

Executive Writing Team
I am a senior at West High School. As a journalist, I research important local and international happenings and write about them to educate those in my community as well as others around the world.
Hi I'm Rebekah Eunaah Craig

Rebekah Eunaah Craig

Executive Writing Team
Rebekah is a student at Ryerson University majoring in History & Political Science. After her degree, Rebekah plans to attend law school. Currently, she is an executive, editor and journalist at YIP.
Hi I'm Sakib Tariq

Sakib Tariq

Executive Writing Team
Driven by his passion for helping his peers to find their voice, Sakib takes pride in his role as an executive member of Youth In Politics. He also enjoys sports, reading, and Mad Men. 
Hi I'm Seonmin Jeong

Seonmin Jeong

Executive Writing Team
Seonmin is an Executive Writing Team at Youth in Politics. As an executive, her goal is to create an efficient and collaborative work environment for her team. Her interests lie in various global issues especially in the field of environmental sciences and economics. She also enjoys everything outdoors, including hiking, running, and camping.
Hi I'm Shwetang Desai

Shwetang Desai

Executive Writing Team
I'm a Grade 12 high school student from Ontario, and have a passion for politics and current events. I'm currently exploring my passion for writing as a Journalism Department Executive for YIP.

Marhaba Mohammad Salim

Executive Marketing Team
I am a marketing executive at YIP; I ensure the marketing team are completing their tasks and that all social media platforms are running smoothly so we are getting content out to as many as possible.


Hi I'm David Vauthier

David Vauthier

David Vauthier is a Montréal based student in neuroscience with a keen interest for understanding how the world works. His articles seek to explore social norms, and how science affects everyday life.
Hi I'm Elizabeth Buerkle

Elizabeth Buerkle

I’m currently a senior at Oceanside High School looking to study Environmental Science and Political Science in college. I’m a journalist for Youth in Politics.
Hi I'm Faiz Farook

Faiz Farook

Hi, I’m Faiz Farook. I’m a grade 12 student planning to go into mechatronics engineering. I have a passion for human rights issues and bringing light to minorities and voices who aren’t heard.
Hi I'm Francis Finlayson

Francis Finlayson

Studying Global Politics at Carleton University, born and bred Newfoundlander! Currently a contributing writer at YIP, common topics include political theory, Canadian identity, and foreign policy.
Hi I'm Fraser Passmore

Fraser Passmore

Honours History and Political Science student at McMaster University. Experimenting with political journalism.
Hi I'm Gabriella Maddalena

Gabriella Maddalena

Journalist for Youth in Politics. Working towards a BA in Political Science and Law at Concordia University!
Hi I'm Isabella Gattuso

Isabella Gattuso

Isabella Gattuso is a journalist for Youth In Politics. She has an avid interest in all things history, international relations, and domestic politics, and hopes to work for the government one day.
Hi I'm Martin Svihus

Martin Svihus

Hi, I'm Martin a freshman student at the University of Ottawa. I am dual majoring in History and Political Science, I am ideologically a Paleoconservative and write articles about current events.
Hi I'm Nina Zevgolis

Nina Zevgolis

Journalist interested in writing about international conflicts and foreign policy. Nina plans on entering politics and law in the future.
Hi I'm Roderyk Boykin

Roderyk Boykin

I'm currently studying marketing at the John Molson School of Business. I've always loved politics and communicating my ideas.
Hi I'm Samara O'Gorman

Samara O'Gorman

Samara O'Gorman is a Montréal based actress, writer, and founder of the kindness initiative, 'Your Local Samaritan'. She is a mental health advocate and journalist, with articles on arts & culture.
Hi I'm Sara Adus

Sara Adus

Sara is a senior in high school on track to pursue a higher education. Sara hopes to spread awareness on pressing issues through her work as a journalist and encourage young people to stay educated.
Hi I'm Shivangi Gautam

Shivangi Gautam

I have a Bachelors in Engineering, and am keen to break the barriers set by Indian society and work towards an equal and civilized world. At YIP I mainly write articles about politics in India.
Hi I'm Suzann Abraham

Suzann Abraham

As a high school student, I wanted to explore my skills in writing and understanding of politics. Now as a journalist for Youth In Politics, I am able to grow as a writer and make new connections!
Hi I'm Wais Hundekar

Wais Hundekar

I am currently a student and an aspiring machine learning engineer. I work as a journalist at Youth in Politics, where I write about business, technology and their intersection with politics.
Hi I'm Youth In Politics

Asir Zaki

Video Editor
Asir Zaki is a Physics and Astronomy student from Scarborough. He enjoys making videos, digital artwork, photography, and graphic design - all skills which he applies at Youth In Politics.
Hi I'm Yusra Adil

Yusra Adil

Yusra Adil is a high school student in grade 11 and she is currently a journalist at YIP. She is passionate about journalism, and engineering.

Danielle Pybus

I’m a journalist at YIP with a passion for storytelling and the environment! I love travelling and my dream job is to be a freelance travel writer.

Kiya Palta

Marketing Team
Currently I am part of the Youth in Politics marketing team. I create posts for the social media and work together with the rest of the team to ensure that everything is posted correctly and on time.

Margaret Pham

An undergraduate student at UCLA majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Classics. Currently a journalist for YIP.

Mehak Kaur

Marketing Team
My name is Mehak Kaur and I am a grade 10 student. My current role in YIP is to make quizzes and post them on Facebook and Instagram.

Bonnie Vanguardia

Bonnie is an undergraduate student at King’s College London studying History and International Relations. She is passionate about the Asia-Pacific region and the EU, hoping to translate these interests into a public service or journalism career.

Rubin Beshi

Hey, I'm a student at the University of Toronto currently pursuing a specialist degree in political science. I have a passion for writing stories that matter - my primary interests are Canadian government, comparative politics and international law.


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