Doug Ford; Against the People

The second wave of Covid-19 has begun in Ontario, and Doug Ford’s government is failing. We are now ten months into this pandemic and Ontario has seen 107,000 cases and 3,500 lives lost.

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Doug Ford; Against the People

The second wave of Covid-19 has begun in Ontario, and Doug Ford’s government is failing. We are now ten months into this pandemic and Ontario has seen 107,000 cases and 3,500 lives lost. I will admit that earlier in the year, Doug Ford and his government reacted quickly and put into place responsible measures, but that has since eroded. Ontario’s current Covid-19 situation is embarrassing and lacks proper leadership. The government's lack of priorities and the mishandling of the situation has raised concerns among many. Establishing what is classified as “essential” and “non-essential” goods seems to be too overwhelming for the Premier, let alone putting together an adequate plan to keep Ontarians safe. As of November 23rd, Toronto and Peel Region have been placed into a total lockdown set to last for a minimum of 28 days, and it should have never gotten this far. Ford decided to imply lockdown in these regions just one week earlier, after weeks of cases increasing and clear warning signs by health officials. Doug Ford does not need to follow recommendations though. He is the Premier after all and knows exactly what this province needs. That is why before this pandemic, education and healthcare were slashed and why more recently, the Premier did not feel the need to share medical advice with the public instead suggesting everyone should trust what is communicated from his government. Ford has said that no other government in Canada has been this transparent, and if you were to read that line to someone, they could assume it was from the mouth of the President of the United States because it is a lie. While Ford has been consistently championing his Covid-19 response or lack thereof, they have been designing ways to damage the environment by undermining conservation authorities and municipal zoning, both in the interest of the business. Here we have yet another nail in the coffin, it would seem Doug Ford values the safety and security of this province’s economy over the lives of its citizens. As important as it is to have a stable economy in a crisis such as this, Ford is sacrificing people to keep business afloat.

Now as of today, November 23rd, Ontario has set yet another case record of 1,589. The lockdowns will do some good, but schools are still open, which seemingly have the lowest standards for Covid-19 precautions. Due to early cuts, 25+ students are being crammed into one classroom with inadequate ventilation with desks less than one meter apart. Ford’s education minister Stephen Lecce has stated that schools will not have an extended winter break and Ford himself has said schools were the safest place for kids. Quite frankly I do not believe this to be the case. I do not think for one second this government has a solid plan one week into the future because from what has been presented, their priorities are not the people. What is probably the most concerning warning light, signaling this government is lost is that our health minister Christine Elliot seems to be pulling information out of the sky. Elliot made the statement that Ontario would be receiving more than two million Covid-19 vaccines once they were ready, which afterward the federal government had to step in and dispute that claim. Whether a mistake in the information or not, in a crisis, cabinet officials should be as clear as possible with relevant information, especially when it is the difference between life and death. At this point, it is becoming more obvious that Doug Ford is wiping his hands clean of the blame for how bad the situation has become. By doing the absolute bare minimum, more local officials can take the blame for not locking down sooner. The Premier has done his part, he stands in front of a podium almost every day at one o’clock, opens with the “folks” and saying he is “here for Ontario” while letting cities become festered with Covid-19. Doug Ford and his government do not work for the people, they are against the people. Perhaps not directly, but in that very conservative way where the business is the cornerstone of good governance, even if it means letting some people die on the way to economic stability.


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